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The main load-bearing components of the steel structure warehouse are steel structures, including steel partition walls, steel beams, steel structure basements, walls, and roof support systems.

The steel structure warehouse is a light steel building composed of steel columns, steel beams, supports, purlins, etc. All steel structure components are manufactured in the workshop and delivered to the project site, fast installation, green building, and saving workforce.

Prefab steel warehouses can meet a wide range of project needs-from commercial (car sheds, exhibition halls) to agriculture (metal warehouses, warehouse sheds) to industry (workshops, equipment warehouses).


1. Embedded components, (foundation bolts used to stabilize the structure of the building)
2. Steel column, usually H-shaped steel (often connected with two C-shaped steel and angle steel)
3. Steel beams, generally H-shaped steel, (the span of the beam determines the height)
4. Roof purlins and wall enclosures: C-shaped steel and Z-shaped steel usually used.
5. The support typically uses round steel or L-shaped angle steel.

The steel structure warehouse is very durable. They are strong enough to withstand heavy snow, high winds, and strong earthquakes. The service life generally exceeds 50-75 years.

The walls and roof panels are hot-dip galvanized, or steel panels can also be coated with aluminum compounds to prevent rust and increase the life of the board, from rust and moisture. The roof is typically insulated with glass wool or rock wool for heat insulation, sound insulation, and fire prevention.

The steel structure warehouse is cheap, and the construction period is fast, which is 1/3 of the ordinary construction period. The installation is simple.


1. Steel Structure with the advantage of light-weight. So less soil occupied by infrastructure construction, and less damage to precious land resources;

2. Significantly reduce the use of concrete, bricks and tiles, and reduce the excavation of mountains and rocks around the city, which is beneficial to environmental protection;

3. When the service life of the building expires, less solid waste generated due to the demolition of the building, and the price of recycling scrap steel resources is high.

4. The prefabricated steel structure components can prefabricate in the factory. So it can reduce labor cost, speed up construction, shorten the construction period, guarantee the quality, and improve precast accuracy.

5. After being adequately prepared and heat-treated, the large and robust steel structure can improve the strength, toughness, and safety.

6. The calculation structure is accurate. The steel structure has uniform power and uniform steel strength, which is inferior to other materials.


The mezzanine can be used in large-space buildings and taller warehouses. It is a common way to separate the upper and lower floors and increase the warehouse’s use areas. It can be used as a platform or as an office.

A mezzanine structure for a Steel Warehouse Building is an essential tool for modernization and improvement of warehouse efficiency. It can easily automate with the use of machinery. The steel warehouse building mezzanine is a storage device based on management and logistics such as packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting. It is a necessary component of a modern industrial warehouse logistics center and distribution center.

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