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Residential steel building homes are becoming increasingly popular as a low-cost solution to traditional home construction.

Not only are steel building homes a fraction of the cost they are much easier to construct, maintain and have a lifespan that is second to none.

Unlike long-established building choices, steel building homes are thought of as a one-time expense. Steel used to be only available to the auto industry and developers of sky-scrapers. Thankfully, those days are long gone through the technological advances in steel cutting and manipulation via precise CAD (computer-aided design). Modern steel building homes can now be produced in a short time period compared to the materials used for typical home construction. MŒVÍR STEEL engineered steel building homes are now catching on as the most innovative home building method at the most affordable price.

A prefab steel building home kit can be exquisitely designed and precisely customized to meet your exact needs and wants. What is the cost of a steel building home? Each steel building home is unique and cost varies depending on location, end-use, along with meeting the state and local requirements. But the overall consensus from steel building home buyers is that they cannot be more satisfied with the cost and rapid delivery. Optimism for steel building homes is gaining more and more steam every day as the most affordable way to construct a home at an unbelievably affordable price.



Your residential steel building looks and operates the same way as a normal home. Steel homes deliver major durability and resilience mainly because steel is widely recognized as tough, robust, stable, and the most durable building material. Since steel does not rot, upkeep and maintenance are almost non-existent allowing you to enjoy even more savings.



One of the main advantages of a steel building beside their low price is that it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between a residential steel home and every other house in your neighborhood.


All of the materials that we use in our systems are fire resistance, including our steel. 


100% recyclable and made from eco-friendly materials.


  • Low-cost affordable home solution

  • Completely customizable to your exact requirements

  • Speedy turnaround time during the engineering and design phase

  • Superior resale value

  • Can be taken apart, moved and sold easily

  • Almost zero maintenance

  • High-quality steel structures are practically ageless

  • Steels durability is unparalleled compared to typical building materials

  • Energy savings from steel are much higher due to energy’s ability to either enter or leave a tightly fortified structure. In other words, what is inside is in and what is outside is out! Regularly constructed homes allow a 2-way path for energy to enter and leave via windows, doors, joints, roofs, attics and the general nature of building materials that start decaying and rotting from the moment they are constructed.

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