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The MŒVÍR STEEL carport can better protect your car from the sun, rain and other adverse weather, and the construction is simple, fast and independent of the season. All steel components are prefabricated and shipped to the construction site for direct installation after processing at the factory, eliminating the need for drilling and welding at the construction site, saving installation time and reducing costs.

The installation of steel structure carports is simple. Only workers who need to understand the installation of steel structures are required. No other professional technical workers required. The steel is light in weight and requires minimal bearing capacity, which saves building materials and construction costs.


  1. Large span: The steel structure can fundamentally overcome the difficulties encountered by traditional structures on large-span buildings. It can create a vast unobstructed visual space and effectively increase the space used.

  2. Short construction period: the fabricated profiles and steel plates are mechanized in large quantities in the factory. The production efficiency is high, the speed is fast, the precision of the finished product is high, and the quality is easy to control.

  3. The primary material is made of steel, which has high strength and high elastic modulus. The steel components are small and light, which is convenient for installation and transportation; under the same stress conditions, the steel has a low weight and can make it into a structure with a large span.

  4. Good plasticity and toughness, suitable for withstanding impact and dynamic loads, and having excellent seismic performance.

  5. With weldability, the welded structure is used to simplify the connection of the steel structure, which is convenient for mechanized mass production.


  1. The steel itself has extreme strength. The strength of the steel structure carport made of steel is naturally sheer, and its elasticity is good, and all parts are very light, so it will not break when it receives an impact.

  2. The steel structure itself is highly malleable, and its performance can design without losing its appearance and decoration. The earthquake resistance is also excellent, especially suitable for earthquake-prone areas.

  3. The welding performance is excellent. The method of constructing the steel structure carport is often the welding method. This method is suitable for many buildings and can be facilitated into construction anytime and anywhere.

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