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Gird structure is constituted by pipe, tube and steel section welding. It is suitable for large span buildings, like

airports, storages, stadiums, stations, etc.


Features: plane trusses are cross-combined.

Advantages: Multi-directional force structure, large span, high rigidity and good stability.

Material: generally steel structure (A36, A572/A572 A572).

Usage: medium and small span industrial and civil buildings, large-span stadiums, exhibition halls, etc.

The grid frame structure is a space structure in which a plurality of rod members are connected by nodes in a certain grid form. The space grid frame structure has the following characteristics:

1.1 The grid frame steel structure has good integrity, large space rigidity and stable structure.

1.2 The grid frame steel structure transmits the load by the axial force of the rod members, so the material strength is fully utilized, which not only saves steel but also reduces its own weight.

1.3 The weight of the grid frame structure is light, the seismic force is small. The steel has good extensibility, and can absorb a large amount of seismic energy. The rigidity of grid frame space is large and the seismic performance is excellent.

1.4 The height of the grid frame structure is small, and the space can be effectively utilized. The high-span ratio of the ordinary steel structure is 1/8 to 1/10, and the height-span ratio of the grid frame structure is only 1/14 to 1/20.

1.5 The construction speed is fast: the size and shape of the structural members of the grid frame are almost the same, which can be produced in batches at the factory. The quality is good, the efficiency is high, and it will not take the site of civil works. The on-site workload is small and the construction period is shortened.

1.6 The grid frame structure is light and can cover a variety of shapes. Besides, it can also be designed into various body shapes, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.

1.7 The disadvantage is that the number of rod members which are connected on the nodes is large, so the production and installation are more complicated than the planar structure.

1.8 Usages: It can be used as a roof for buildings such as gymnasiums, theaters, exhibition halls, waiting rooms, stadium awnings, hangars, and two-way large-pitch workshops.


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