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MSTEEL has been providing FBO metal buildings for decades. The huge business, financial and economic costs make it absolutely pertinent for FBOs to have their required building structures available in the shortest possible time period. This is where MSTEEL comes in.

In every industry, there exist corporations that help to keep the industry going. These organizations provide some of the amenities needed for the industry and ensure its long-term survival. In the food and beverage industry, for example, you have companies that specialize in providing recyclable tin cans and plastic wrappers that are essential to hygienic packaging. Similarly, in the Aviation industry, you have corporations that offer aeronautical services that help to keep an airport going all year round.

These corporations are often referred to as Fixed Base Operators or simply called FBOs. FBOs exist either within the premises of an airport or stationed just around its vicinity. Wherever their location is, FBOs are responsible for the provision of a number of premium services that ultimately make the airport a hub for every aeronautic activity that airlines, pilots, and passengers can come to expect.

It takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money building structures on sites. This is even more so, in the case of FBO buildings. Furthermore, building structures in airports are subject to a lot of painstaking lobbying, licensing, and approval from airport authorities, regulatory, supervisory, and standards organizations.

The time lag needed to get in situ buildings constructed and ready for use can also be detrimental to the business model and margins of FBOs. With the lack of proper facilities to carry out aircraft repair work. For example, FBOs wishing to engage in such aeronautic services would find it hard to be granted approval by the relevant authorities.



MŒVÍR ARCHITEKS  designs, engineers, details WHILE MSTEEL manufacturers, tests and ships our FBO buildings to sites in the shortest possible time. In addition to this, our sister company VANTA GROUP will help to assemble the steel buildings on the building site; therefore, saving the FBO the cost of hiring steel building construction experts.

All the FBO metal buildings by MSTEEL are of the highest possible quality. They all adhere to strict airport structural integrity and building standards. At the moment, MSTEEL will ship prefabricated steel buildings to 36 locations spread across North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

The key merits of our FBO buildings  are their precision, strength, speed of delivery, ease of assembly, and cost-saving benefits. These benefits are just ideal for FBOs wishing to avoid prolonged disruptions in their activities due to a lack of proper building structures at their airport of operation.

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