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The farming community has been the backbone of the building business for decades. At MŒVÍR STEEL, we haven’t forgotten that. When you’re putting a half a million dollar combine inside for the winter, farmers don’t want any cheap building. They want quality agricultural metal buildings but don’t want to pay more than they should. 

High-quality agricultural steel buildings from MŒVÍR STEEL are the most cost-efficient solution for agricultural buildings. We can customize any metal building design to your project needs. If you want quality agricultural steel buildings but don’t want to pay full retail to get it, give MŒVÍR STEEL an opportunity to show how much building you can get from a true steel building wholesaler.


  • No cost overages

  • Exact delivery dates

  • Ability to have a constructed or natural floor

  • Ease of expandability

  • Quality control during building of the metal buildings

  • Flexibility of design and customization

  • Ability to get permits and zoning quicker

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Start by choosing the gauge steel you want for the roof and exterior walls. 24 – 26 gauge steel is commonly used in agriculture steel buildings. Then all you need to do is bolt the pre-engineered steel building system together on top of a solid cement foundation. You will then need crews with specialized equipment such as cranes and scaffolding to erect the walls and connect the roof.


As a chicken producer, your concern for healthy birds and eggs, excellent feed

conversions and flock uniformity is highest priority. We’ve delivered a consistent

stream of the most advanced feeding technologies in the industry. From start to finish, producers have entrusted Moevir to provide solutions resulting in lower waste and higher profits.


The Moevir Poultry system includes:

• Feeding systems for optimized feed conversions

• Feed tanks and fill systems

• Digital control units

• Nipple watering system

• Environmental control systems

• Incubation equipment

• Other accessories

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Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 1.05.35 PM.png

Because different countries have distinct

climate, market and habitat requirements,

generally the width of the broiler house is 12m-

16m, length is less than 150m, height is 2.1m

-3m ( for free range) or 2.5m-4.5m( in A type

cage or H type)

Our steel structure design poultry farm can

be built with different construction methods,

close type ( sandwich panel for wall and roof,

with the option to choose the ceiling type) and

open type ( sandwich panel or steel sheet &

aluminum bubble foil for roof, no wall or wire

mesh &. curtain).

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